Q. Does Doggie Paddles (DP) provide both dog walking as well as pet sitting?

A. Yes. We offer personalized pet sitting as well as dog walking.

Q. Does DP only care for dogs?

ANo. DP cares for cats, birds, and some exotics.

Q. Does DP provide overnight stays?

A. Yes. DP can provide a 12 hour shift which can be used during the evening. For example, an owner can opt to have DP stay at their home from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am. An additional walk or visit can be performed mid-day if desired.

Q. Is DP licensed, bonded and insured?

A. Yes.DP is licensed by Hawaii and bonded and insured by Business Insurers of the Carolinas. In addition DP is a member of Pet Sitters International.

Q. Can DP administer medication to my pet?

A. Yes. Oral, eye and ear medication as was certain injections can be administered.

Q. Can DP walk my large breed dog?

A. Yes.  DP currently provides walks for Great Danes, Doberman Pinschers and Rhodesian Ridgebacks, however these particular dogs are exceptionally well trained.

Q. Can DP groom by dog or cat?

A. No. DP will only provide your dog with a clean up bath. We are unable to cut or trim your dogs hair but we can provide a nail trim and a basic ear cleaning/flushing if necessary, provided pets temperament allows.

Q. Has DP been given access to any of Hawaii’s military bases?

A. Yes. DP has been given access to Kaneohe Marine Corps Base.

Q. Will DP bring in my mail, take out my garbage, water my plants and is their an extra charge?

AYes. DP can provide these services at no extra cost.

Q. Can I drop my dog off at DP?

A. No. DP is not a doggie day care however we can give you a referral for this type of service.

Q. Can I speak with your references

A. Yes. DP has many pet parents who are more than happy to speak to potential clients.

Doggie Paddles
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